FACES @ Ars Electronica 2017

As part of the events marking 20 years of Faces in 2017, the faces mods are organizing several events at the Ars Electronica festival – a panel discussion & the Faces Generated Celebration!

Sat. 09.09. 2017,  13:00-15:00 
OK im OÖ Kulturquartier
PopUp Intervention: #GetaHead #EatYourCake
Faces Generated Cupcakes will be served up with a bit of Sekt! The poll entries generated a unique cupcake recipe base that Veronika Krenn and Vesela Mihaylova have prepared. http://taste-of-data.tumblr.com

Feminist Climate Change: Beyond the Binary Panel

Sat. 09.09. 2017, 15:00-16:00 
OK im OÖ Kulturquartier – Ursulinensaal

From C to X: networked feminisms Panel discussion explores the theories and practices of cyberfeminism, xenofeminism and feminist critiques of technology. With: Virginia Barratt (VNS Matrix), Annie Goh & Alla Mitrofanova.organized by Diana McCarty  & Ushi Reiter & (with Kathy Rae Huffman & Valie Djordjevic)

Watch the documentation of the FACES Panel: